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Our Officers and Board of Directors have a blend of  experience in nonprofit organizations, law, marketing, fundraising, and notable service to Round Hill Country Club (RHCC). We are deeply committed to RH Helping Hands' Mission to help RHCC employees and their families.
"RH Helping Hands has given me the opportunity to use my nonprofit knowledge and experience for a cause close to my heart; helping Round Hill employees and their families overcome financial hardship."
~ Allen Uzzell, RH Helping Hands Board Member

Melissa Mann

President, Chairperson

Melissa is a current tennis member and a former member of Round Hill Country Club’s (RHCC) Board of Directors. She served as chair of the tennis committee and on membership, social, and kids club committees. Melissa has ten years of experience as an international retail buyer. She is the founder of RH Helping Hands and is committed to making the organization a success.

Craig Ziegler

CFO, Treasurer

Craig is a tennis member and shareholder of RHCC and has been involved in the tennis committee. Craig is currently the vice president of finance, administration, and investments for the California Healthcare Foundation. He has been a national leader in nonprofit management and has previous experience as the director of finance and operations for Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network and the controller of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.


Molly Ott

Marketing & Communications Manager, Secretary

Molly is currently a tennis member and shareholder of RHCC. She has more than 15 years of experience as a writer and editor, specializing in health care, retirement, and international benefits, as well as nonprofit marketing.

Tom Hansen

Marketing and Communications

Tom is a golf member and shareholder of RHCC. He is past President of RHCC’s Board of Directors and has served on the golf, green, house, governance, and FMP committees. Tom is a retired commissioner of the PAC-12 conference and assistant executive director of the NCAA.


Melissa Smith

Grants Committee Chair

Melissa is a golf member and shareholder of RHCC. She has served on the club’s social committee. Melissa is the co-founder of Party In-Kindness, a nonprofit organization generating donations for distribution to families in need in the greater Bay Area.


Gordon Berke

Grants Committee

Gordon is a golf member and shareholder of RHCC. He is a former member of the RHCC Board of Directors and past President of the RHMA Board of Directors. He has also served on the membership, golf, and grievance committees for RHCC and chaired the rules and handicap subcommittee. Gordon has 45 years in private law practice.


Allen Uzzell

Grants Committee

Allen is a golf member and shareholder of RHCC. He is a former member of RHCC’s Board of Directors and has served on the governance, grievance, membership, and tennis committees. Allen retired from Chevron after 33 years as an attorney in its law function. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Richmond Promise, Inc., a scholarship and college success organization for residents of Richmond.

RH Helping Hands, Inc.

RH Helping Hands is a 501(c)(3) 
tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that provides monetary grants to qualified Round Hill Country Club (RHCC) employees facing financial hardshipTax ID: 83-4493650


Email: info@rhhelpinghands.org


Mailing Address:

RH Helping Hands, Inc.

3169 Roundhill Rd.

Alamo, CA 94507

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