Our Board

Our Officers and Board of Directors have a blend of  experience in nonprofit organizations, law, marketing, fundraising, and notable service to Round Hill Country Club (RHCC). We are deeply committed to RH Helping Hands' Mission to help RHCC employees and their families.

President, Chair

Melissa Mann

Melissa is a current tennis member and a former member of Round Hill Country Club’s Board of Directors. She served as chair of the tennis committee and on membership, social, and kids club committees. Melissa has ten years of experience as an international retail buyer. She is the founder of RH Helping Hands and is committed to making the organization a success.

CFO, Treasurer

Shawn Young

Shawn is a golf member and shareholder and has served on the finance and grievance committees for the Round Hill Country Club. Shawn is the CFO for a single-family office, is a CPA, and has worked in financial services since leaving Public Accounting.

Marketing & Communications Manager, Secretary

Molly Ott

Molly is currently a tennis member and shareholder of RHCC. She has more than 15 years of experience as a writer and editor, specializing in health care, retirement, and international benefits, as well as nonprofit marketing.

Marketing & Communications

Tom Hansen

Tom is a golf member and shareholder of RHCC. He is past President of RHCC’s Board of Directors and has served on the golf, green, house, governance, and FMP committees. Tom is a retired commissioner of the PAC-12 conference and assistant executive director of the NCAA.

Grants Committee Chair

Melissa Smith

Melissa is a golf member and shareholder of RHCC. She has served on the club’s social committee. Melissa is the co-founder of Party In-Kindness, a nonprofit organization generating donations for distribution to families in need in the greater Bay Area.

Grants Committee

Gordon Berke

Gordon is a golf member and shareholder of RHCC. He is a former member of the RHCC Board of Directors and past President of the RHMA Board of Directors. He has also served on the membership, golf, and grievance committees for RHCC and chaired the rules and handicap subcommittee. Gordon has 45 years in private law practice.

Grants Committee

Michael Davis

Mike has been a golf member and shareholder at Round Hill since 1990 and has served on membership and currently on the grievance committee. In Moraga, he was treasurer of the citizens to incorporate Moraga and served as the first chairman of the planning commission. He was the principal founder and CEO of Mason McDuffie Financial Corporation, a commercial mortgage banking company. But his greatest accomplishment has been as founder of the Martini Sippers and Social Society at Round Hill Country Club.