Q:  Where did the idea for RH Helping Hands come from? 

A:  The founders of RH Helping Hands were inspired by another successful local charitable organization that has been supporting country club employees with financial hardships and educational pursuits for more than a decade. Based on their success, we started a similar program for our community and launched RH Helping Hands.

Q:  Who is eligible for RH Helping Hands grants?

A:  All Round Hill Country Club (RHCC) employees who have been employed by the club for 90 days or more are eligible to apply for a monetary grant.


Q:  How do I apply, and what types of grants are available?

A:  An RHCC employee completes the application and includes appropriate documentation to verify his or her hardship or request for educational assistance. The application will then be submitted to RH Helping Hands’ Board of Directors for approval. 

RH Helping Hands will consider grants for financial hardships, such as:


  • Uninsured, non-elective medical expenses related to injury or illness

  • Family emergencies other than injury or illness

  • Loss of transportation to work

  • Major home structural or system repair

  • Essential home appliance malfunction

  • Bereavement and funeral expenses

  • Certain educational expenses

  • COVID-related financial hardships

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Q:  Will each application be treated confidentially?

A:  Yes, an employee's name and personal information will be available only to those involved in the process as needed. In addition, no information about grant applicants (RHCC employees and their dependents) is shared with RHCC, its membership, or employees without prior consent.

Q: Do grants need to be paid back?

A:  Employee recipients do not pay back grants to RH Helping Hands. Grants also are not considered taxable income to RHCC employees. 

Q:  How will a donation to RH Helping Hands differ from the annual contribution to the RHCC Staff Holiday Fund?

A:  These two funds serve completely different functions.

The Round Hill Country Club’s Staff Holiday Fund provides members the opportunity to express appreciation for the club's staff annually. Holiday gifts are allocated based on employees' length of employment, performance, and seniority. A portion of the fund is used for incentives, such as employee of the month and year, birthday gift cards, the employee holiday party, and more. 

In contrast, funds donated to RH Helping Hands will provide relief from financial hardships for employees and their families in times of need. Grants will be awarded based on a thorough review process by the RH Helping Hands' Board.


Q: Are contributions tax-deductible?

A:  RH Helping Hands is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. Donors should consult their tax professionals to consider which donation strategy is best for them.