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Grant Process

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Can RH Helping Hands Help You?

Please review the grant application and let us know if you have any additional questions.

Grant Application-Online Form

Grant Application-PDF (to print)

Send your completed grant application, along with supporting documentation, to: 

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About Our Program

All Round Hill Country Club (RHCC) employees who have been employed by the club for 90 days are eligible to apply for an
RH Helping Hands grant. 

Learn more about our program from our informational videos:

RH Helping Hands Information Video - English

RH Helping Hands Information Video - Spanish

School Application

Application Process

  • The grant application requests information to demonstrate financial need. Please also provide supporting documentation with your request.

  • The RH Helping Hands Grants Committee reviews each grant application.

  • After review, the Grants Committee then makes a recommendation to the full RH Helping Hands Board.

  • The Board votes on whether the grant is approved, and the applicant is notified. 


Applicants may apply more than once per year and again in future years. Please note that RHCC is not involved in any decisions regarding
RH Helping Hands grants. 

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