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RH Helping Hands Makes Initial Grants to RHCC Employees

March 2020

RH Helping Hands is proud to have made its first three grants to Round Hill Country Club (RHCC) employees at the beginning of 2020.  


Two grants were issued to staff members because of their loss of transportation to work. When an employee’s car breaks down or is stolen, it is important to recognize the challenges that an employee faces. Many employees live more than 25 miles away from RHCC, and there is not a direct public transportation system to Alamo.


The other grant was given to support an employee in completing educational goals. This employee will be the first in the family to receive a post-secondary degree.  


“We are excited to begin making grants after successfully establishing the nonprofit RH Helping Hands program and receiving the necessary federal and state tax-exempt status,” stated RH Helping Hands Board President Melissa Mann.


“None of this would be possible without the remarkable support of Round Hill’s members, whose generosity to RH Helping Hands exceeded our expectations. We consider it a demonstration of the high regard in which the membership holds the dedicated Round Hill staff,” Mann added. “We anticipate the ongoing need for grants to additional employees will be extensive, and we will be asking the membership for continued support.”


The creation of the RH Helping Hands grant program has been well received by RHCC management and staff. The first three grant recipients were very appreciative of the grants they received, and RHCC employees are excited that the program is now available. 


RH Helping Hands was created in 2019 to support RHCC employees and their families facing unexpected financial hardships or pursuing educational growth opportunities. A similar program at Claremont Country Club demonstrated that many staff members could be significantly assisted by financial grants, even by a reasonably small amount. Round Hill’s human resources staff reported that the club’s employees faced similar financial challenges, not uncommon for many individuals in the industry.


After establishing the nonprofit’s structure and receiving

501(c)(3) status, RH Helping Hands received a strong response with member donations. As RH Helping Hands enters its second year of operation, the Board hopes to spread awareness of the program and engage additional members in their support of this important cause.

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