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2021 Hearts on the Hill a Success!

September 2021

We were so happy to have connected with Members at Round Hill Country Club’s (RHCC) 60th Anniversary golf tournament and tennis exhibition and games! RH Helping Hands’ Hearts on the Hill fundraiser featured fun games, silent auction items, raffle prizes, and more during these exciting RHCC club events—all while making a difference!


Importantly, our fundraiser was a great success. Thank you to all donors who donated directly to RH Helping Hands during the month of August or who contributed at the golf and tennis events.


We are also thankful for the 60th Anniversary Diamond Golf Tee and Diamond Tennis Court Sponsors who donated $1,000 or more to the golf and tennis events.  In addition to receiving tremendous support from family and business sponsors for both events, we were also excited to witness tennis Member team spirit in supporting tennis-level sponsorship signs.  


In addition, because of the incredible Member engagement in August, we are happy to announce we have secured the generous donor match offered by Carl and Judy Moore. With RHCC Member support, we will continue our mission in assisting RHCC employees with emergency hardship and education grants.

A special shoutout goes to our dedicated volunteers, who worked tirelessly to bring our fundraiser to fruition and assist with logistics on the two event days. In addition, we would like to thank Greg Gonsalves and all RHCC Golf, Tennis, Food & Beverage, and Events Planning staff for their collaboration in making our fundraiser a success.

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